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Alessandro Vergendo

Mind-Body Counselor recognised by S.I.Co - Italian Counseling Society.
Mental Trainer of great champions and record holders in different sports.
Trainer of the Italian National Synchronized Swimming Team.
Sports and Corporate Counselor.
Deep Inside Project Founder.
Regional Coordinator of S.I.Co.
Mental Training Coach of the International School of Apnea Academy.
Twitter @AleVergendo

Rosarita Gagliardi

Breath Trainer, Sports consultant, Trainer for Apnea Academy International School.
Apnea Coach of Juniores and Absolutes Italian National Synchronized Swimming team. President of Deep Inside Project and of the special school project called “Rights of the Sea”.
Twitter @RosaritaHellas

Pietro Enrico Di Prampero

Professor Emeritus in Physiology at the University of Udine, specialized in Sports Medicine. Former president and member of “Life Sciences Working Group” at the European Space Agency (ESA). From 1998 to 2007 he has been Chief Editor of the “European Journal of Applied Physiology”.
He has always been involved in respiratory and cardiocirculatory physiology, energetic aspects of muscular contraction and human locomotion, and spatial physiology.
He wrote more than 350 scientific pubblications, most of which appeared on international magazines, and also a book about the energetic of human locomotion.

Guido Ferretti

Full Professor of Human Physiology, Department of Biomedical Science and Biotechnology, Medicine Faculty, University of Brescia, Italy. Professeur Associé, Département de Anesthésiologie Pharmacologie et Soins Intensifs, Université de Genéve, Suisse.